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Quality Policy

TThe success and development of the Ovattificio Fortunato confirms  the capacity and ability to pursue customer satisfaction by anticipating needs, creating innovative products. The company thus becomes a source of ideas around which production processes are carried out only for the ideas which awaken new interests into the market.

The model reflects this dynamic organization and its vision of making it to be. The Company is in search of Customer Satisfaction  whereas it generates prosperity and welfare for the company and the whole body corporate.

All this, without any age and behavioral compliance. Fixed the two objectives mentioned above, the Organisation goes towards continuous improvement, and then to excellence.

According to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, the key points of improvement are identified in the following processes:

1. Production Processes of strong advanced engineering solutions, aimed at improving production efficiency, to ensure the safety of workers and respect for the environment, focusing on self Quality Control and waste reduction.

2. Sales Processesthat are developed through the study of national and international markets through the acquisition of raw materials in adequate value for money, through assistance and training of sales staff and direct interface with its Corporate Management customers.

3. Human Resources Management Human Resources Management processes that, having as its objective their  participation  to Company life, are based on proper training, assessment of individual employee performance and their own  job satisfaction.

The Management which, through the implementation of Quality Management System, will give substance and visibility to the objectives outlined above, giving the Head of Quality System, as its representative, the task and necessary authority to accomplish its mandate.

Date 07/05/2010

The Administrator
Pasquale Fortunato