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Mistral Air

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Fresh Air Mattress Cover

More Air The mattress cover Fresh Air  creates an air cushion between the body and the mattress keeping its parts dry by absorbing sweat and moisture released during sleepo.

More Hygiene The cover Fresh Air in contact with latex, polyurethane or foamed mattresses prevents mold formation, bacteria and mites that find  a breeding ground in areas exposed to moisture or body vapors' stagnation.

More Health The Fresh Air  cover is also appliable to old mattresses and it is suitable for wire mesh, wood and other types of mattress' supports.

The Fresh Air cover activates a healthy air circulation  improving  of healthy sleep's quality.

Mistral Air Grid Cover

More Air Mistral Air creates an air cushion between the mattress and the grid allowing the mattress to last longer .It avoids friction between grid's metal parts and the mattress , creating a flat and smooth surface between the mattress and support grid.

More Hygiene  Mistral Air  in contact with latex , polyurethane or foam mattresses prevents the formation of mold, bacteria and mites which find their breeding ground in areas exposed to moisture stagnation.

More Health Mistral Air also applies to old mattresses and is suitable for wire mesh, wood and other types of  mattress' support.

Mistral Air activates a healthy circulation of air that improves healthy sleep quality.

Horse Air Transpiration

The innovative article MISTRAL is the core of the under-saddle. It allows a better air circulation and the perfect transpiration avoids any kind of heat and humidity of the horse back.

MISTRAL, made of millions of “3-D SOFT SPRINGS”


In order to improve the transpiration, the MISTRAL is covered upside with a special perforated 3-d fabric and underneath with an elastic fabric in pure cotton.

The under-saddle MISTRAL is the most advanced article for the comfort of the horse.

Evolution of wellness is in the air!