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Fiber Wave

Wadding fixed thermally at high temperature (170� C.).

It is used for padding in the mattress.

It has not chemicals resins and adhesives and for this reason it is an ecological product.

The high process temperatures confer to the product the high hygienic standards (absence in productive phase of pathogenic bacteria, mildews, etc).

The maintenance of the hygienic standards depends from the conditions of manipulation and stock.

The product is completely recyclable and anti-allergic.

It is identified for weight (g/sqm) and thickness.

An important feature of the product is its structure that sees the fiber sinusoidally arranged as to form a set of waves.

In this way you have a product that offers a wide elastic "push" to compression.

Another important feature is that these waves, start from a fibers layer arranged horizontally.

This allows you to have two distinct areas with different characteristics in terms of "hand" and resilience.

This padding is made from an exclusive patented technology by Ovattificio Fortunato.

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