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Saturn Mattresses

This box, thanks to its special design provides excellent ergonomics for areas that characterize different capacity. It consists of a 9.5 cm top layer of viscoelastic memory effect and form a layer of ecological polyurethane of 9.5 cm. The two layers are crossed by a number of channels that promote air circulation and prevents the formation of mold, mites and bacteria. The thickness of the box is 19 cm.

Melody Mattress

Viscoelastic polyurethane formed by Boz and ecological Wave. The special shape ensures body weight distribution and offers a pleasant comfort sense. Total Mattressheight: 20 cm.

Relax Mattress

The unique design highlights this box's ergonomics, which is composed by a viscoelastic layer and a polyurethane layer in the base. Total Mattressheight: 20 cm.


When the latex is integrated with a polyurethane base, then the comfort becomes natural. Breathability and aeration are guaranteed by both materials thanks to the presence of  air flow  channels  applied on the polyurethane. Total Mattressheight: 20 cm.


The classic wave form enables a better weight distribution advantaging ergonomics. The latex layer performs a natural sleeping comfort action. The polyurethane base provides stability and consistency. Total Mattressheight: 20 cm.


Latex and memory form are the two components of this Mattressoffering a fantastic rest thanks to its 7 areas structure. Total Mattressheight: 18 cm / 20 cm option.


The union of memory effect viscoelastic and pierced latex, let you choose what side to sleep on. The product allows you to use the structure of natural latex for a comfortable rest and to harmonize body movements due to the effect of  slow-release memory effect form. Total Mattressheight: 18 cm.


On a base of ecological polyurethane with ergonomic design, the viscoelastic follows a wavy profile for an absolute comfort. Total Mattressheight: 20.5 cm.


Less than 5 cm of viscoelastic , on a base made of ecological polyurethane providing ergonomics and comfort. It has a simple structure, which is essential for those who want the benefits of the viscoelastic memory effect. Total Mattressheight: 20 cm.