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The Ovattificio Fortunato was founded in 1972 by Cav. Giovanni Fortunato, inventor of the thermoplastic felt.

A small reality born to satisfy the local market of mattresses manufacturers, has had an important development in the '90s, thanks to Pasquale Fortunato's leadership, owner and administrator. Today Ovattificio Fortunato maintains business relationships with more than 12 foreign countries.

This product , at the beginning struggling to be accepted by the market, has later became a leader, finding so many different applications.

From field mattresses, car, appliances, construction, felt represents an economic, ecological and functional product for sound absorption and mattresses production. Waddings for padding also became so popular in the comfort branch that there is no chair, sofa, mattress, jacket that do not.

Today, however, into product diversification, Ovattificio Fortunato is enriched by four lines for the continuous production of viscoelastic polyurethane patented by Pasquale Fortunato. Alongside there is another interesting  last generation product called Mistral.

The Soul of ideas, the slogan that accompanies the label,  delivers all the creativity, inventiveness and commitment that become characteristic features of the company.

The ability to address and solve problems are never separated from the execution speed, the timely responses and the care and scrupulous attention to You. A Careful attention to detail, research and technological innovation for processes and products, not separated by the professionalism of all the corporate staff, find completion in the modern factory which comprehends last generation machineries, designed and constructed according to precise indications of the Company.