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Environment and Security Policy

The Ovattificio Fortunato company specialized in the production of wadding, felt or polyurethane is aware of the importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment for future generations, is consistent with its business processes to the dictates of the UNI EN ISO 14001:04. It also meets the requirements of the regulations on occupational safety (DL 81/08, as amended and supplemented). The company, therefore, in order to make clear its responsibility towards the environment and workplace safety, has drawn up its policy on environment and safety at work making it available to the public, customers and all interested entities. The demonstration of its commitment is reflected in the following activities:

1. Operating in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the processes and services company, that is , the environmental aspects and the protection and preservation of safety.

2. Promoting their employees responsibility by making information and training programs tailored to specific training needs of the staff.

3. Striving to eliminate or prevent all forms of pollution that may result from their business.

4. Providing equipment, processes and personnel, means of protection and prevention technology that is individual and collective.

Each employee, as part of his/her work is consistently informed, trained and sensitized on the impact that his job may have from the environmental point of view and with regard to personal and general safety. Therefore, every worker is required to pursue, as its mission, the objectives that the organization has established and which are listed below:

1. Striving to improve their environmental performance and security through the use of best available technologies provided whereas they are  appropriate and economically feasible.

2. Making eco-friendly and innovative products in order to minimize environmental impacts.

3. Limiting the waste deriving from business productivity to an absolute minimum and ensure they are disposed of safely.

4. Minimizing atmospheric emissions and optimize energy and fuel consumption through logic reuse and recovery during the production process.

5. Sharing our environmental knowledge, collaborating with customers, suppliers, the public and all interested entities and communicate this policy to all staff acting on behalf the organization.

6. Meeting all legal requirements regarding job security.

The constant efforts to improve, every year, makes us realize new targets that will be documented and communicated to all who are concerned. The Organization intends to pursue the present policy environment and safety at work, applying it in a synergistic way with the quality policy. And is the responsibility of every employee to comply with this Environmental Policy and Safety at Work which is our contribution in support of future generations.

Date 07/05/2010

The Chief
Pasquale Fortunato